About us

((Effective Communications (EC) World Group has the knowledge of the most important customer-oriented factors, such as ease and speed of access to target markets)) EC-world group promotes effective communication in economic activities, tourism, science and research. Moreover, we intend to create opportunities for communication and make creative link between professionals by offering the best services to support customer’s satisfaction, quality and innovation in the target markets. Furthermore, we make link between producers and consumers and boosts effective communication in all areas including business contracts in public and private sectors, institutions, banks, legal entities, investment partnerships, etc. Introduce your projects and equipment of refineries, petro-chemical and power stations here in ECWG. We support also projects in all stages including implementing and optimizing operations, procurement requirements, investment partnerships, business contracts and sales. EC-world welcomes warmly any suggestions and cooperation of researchers, professors, students, business men, industry leaders, organizations, universities, scientific societies and other professionals from all fields of economy, tourism and science.